5 Feb

Even people who do say they don’t collect anything, I believe do indeed have collections. Maybe the stockpile paperclips subconsciously because they use them often at work, and also play with them on long phone calls. One of the many things I collect are vintage suitcases, it’s a small but passionate collection. Pictured are 4 “traincases” in golden mustard, olive green, navy blue, and burgundy maroon. They are all hard-shell and have variations in their handles, shape, interior mirror or trays. I love to think about when these were made and more commonly used – toss in a nightgown, sundress, and cosmetics and hop on the train for the weekend – we needed less “stuff.” The golden mustard suitcase is from the Amelia Earhart line and I love going back a few decades in my visions and think of what it would be like to travel, or even meet, her! The green piece belonged to my mom. I love to tie vintage scarves around the handles.

Right now these petite suitcases sit on top of a plain white armoire in my bedroom – someday I hope to have a wooden armoire and the older it is, the better. Also pictured is a framed tea towel from the gift shop of one of the first resorts in East Africa – this was hung first and that the suitcases match in color is a delightful coincidence. The tea towel (which I also collect) is really meaningful to me – but that’s a story for another post.

Also pictured is a hot pink Samsonite, an orange by Towncraft (sold at JCPenny), and my favorite – an original vintage Samsonite Fashionaire suitcase from the 1960s. The pattern name was Wild Gardenia, also called Black and White Flower Power with Veuve Clicquot orange fabric interior. The line was reissued in 2007 by Samsonite under their Black Label Collection with a limited edition of 600 pieces with a high price tag. The line gained further fame when a character in the movie Rock of Ages used one of the pieces to carry records. My favorite part of this mod suitcase is that the pattern was designed by a Marimekko artist – look this company up, you’ll love to learn about them! Also pictured is one of my favorite ads for the line.

Fashionairre collection adphoto 1(25)photo 2(24)photo 3(15)



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