The Vintage Czech Glass Pearl

28 May

Hi everyone, I have a story to share….

Several months ago I purchased vintage czech glass pearl ombre (color fades from pink to aqua) beads with a satin finish. These beads are from a factory called Ornella that used to manufacture jewelry in the Czech Republic in the 1920s-1930s. I finally carved out the time to explore and “work” with these beads. I found myself sitting there with 80+ year old beads (in perfect condition) feeling their quality, their heft, their shine, admiring the beauty and wondering what to do with them. Do they go in a small bowl for display like many of my other beads because I can’t bare to have them stored away out of sight? I still have them safely stored away in my “to make bead box” which includes beads and findings which I plan to use to make jewelry for myself. However, I did design and create a few pairs of earrings, one of which is for sale at my Etsy shop. It was a thrill to glaze my hands over “sea spine beads” (real from the ocean with a hole drilled in them for jewelry making) from one of my bead storage boxes and realize the two items are an eclectic and perfect fit! I hope you like it, please check them out:

Speaking of the Czech Republic, I often think about the supplies and art produced there throughout the years. Many of these pieces are no longer for sale, as collectors have purchased them and are not letting go. So, when folks say to me “the stuff isn’t going anywhere” and they are referring to certain antique and vintage pieces – it is indeed getting increasingly harder to find certain pieces. So, I will keep on searching and picking, and sharing the finds with you at!

Thanks for reading my story, or, I should say – stories.


One Response to “The Vintage Czech Glass Pearl”

  1. Frances Perea May 28, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

    Amanda, thank you for sharing your blog! I too have a fondness for bead & jewelry making.
    Frances Perea

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