The Pickers’ Pick

10 May

Today, against my better judgment, I went to an antique shop. Why would this be against by better judgment if I adore antiques? Because this was a retail priced shop – no negotiating, bargaining, and dealers who know the value of their items and mark them accordingly. This is of course fair for the dealer (and how the Pickers on American Pickers the TV show would price the items they go across country seeking out), however, not in my budget right now. There were rich Bakelite bangle bracelets for $250, tin spinning tops so well constructed from the 1930s they are still colorful and in great shape ($20-50), what seemed like endless displays of vintage amber and rhinestone jewelry, and unique treasures from across the world that are no longer made. Of course I gravitated towards things I collect or love– art deco, jewelry, salt and pepper shakers, needle-point purses, buttons, specific glasses to see if there was “finally the one to complete my set!” and much more. It was a sensory overload experience that I truly enjoyed when I had to drag myself out empty-handed.


What makes you happy?




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