what does the tv show american Pickers and raining Pink Petals have in common?

22 Apr

They both make me happy!

The other day my dog and  I walked outside my apartment’s my small glass sliding door.  I am currently one of countless residents dwelling in the DC area in large apartment complexes – this first time I have lived in a complex vs. a multi-family New England style house. There is a small rolling hill that separates my unit from the parking lot and placed in the center of the “lawn” is a tree which blooms bright pink blossoms in the spring. What was so special about the other day was that rain and wind had visited overnight and the pink petals were sprinkled all over the green grass, brown fresh mulch, and swimming in puddle pools –and some petals were still still making their graceful fall to the ground. My dog was very confused why we stopped at the tree instead of moving forward to our regular route … I wanted a moment to view the raining pink petals.

After our walk we came inside to watch the TV show American Pickers. This is by far my favorite show and I am borderline obsessed with it (ok, I am obsessed). I have such a deep appreciation for what Frank and Mike do on the show and for the items they find and rescue– items which are simply not made and/or not made as well anymore. The items they feature truly do tell history lessons. As “picking,” vintage collecting, retro style, and recycling items has become more popular it is becoming increasing difficult to find specific treasures – but they have folks doing a lot of leg work for them to find “rusty gold” in barns, houses, abandoned stores, carnivals, movie theaters, and other places ripe for the picking. I have gone picking before, however, not at a place with as much opportunity for treasure as Mike and Frank — someday I hope to!

If you enjoy my petal story, feel free to view this lovely photograph by LupenGrainne found on Etsy:


What makes you happy?


One Response to “what does the tv show american Pickers and raining Pink Petals have in common?”

  1. Rob7774@aol.com April 22, 2013 at 11:53 am #

    Nice Post:)

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