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Spotlight Vintage Shops, Animal Rescue, and Vintage Books – oh my!

23 Mar

I have come across the following 2 vintage shops on, owned by the same person. You will be able to find everything from vintage suitcases, vintage afghan blankets, and unique vintage supplies…. and so much more!

I have a passion for helping animals in need and I have sought out 32 shops on which donate their treasure and talent to the same passion! These shops can be found in the below 2 treasuries (16 shops in each)….. you can get goodies and presents for yourself and others while donating to a great cause!

Lastly, please stay tuned for postings of carefully selected vintage books at

As always, thanks for stopping by!


My Desk

15 Mar

This piece was written in a dream-like state and no edits were made:

my desk tells the story of me. there is a vintage pink enamel with painted animals on it cup, a vintage metal frog, a vintage san fran stien, and a corner fit piece of turquoise pottery all holding pens, pencils, and markers. those 4 items have company — w wicker basket for misc items, a desk file cabinet with a ton of little things taped on it that i fancy. a robin egg blue with brown speckles pottery dish holding coins. a vintage brass xl paperclip which reads later, and a similar which reads leave it to me — and i use those 2 for my papers/actual to do list–so many papers, and, of course there is a small painted drawer with special little craft items.A small worry doll frame holding a picture of my dad and i — he was taken 13 months ago from me. and another small wooden framed photo of my mom when she was younger–we look exactly the same. a stack of old maps. Lastly (although i am sure that’s not all there is) there is a vintage ceramic lazy susan — 1  section holding my jewelry display overflow in the form of earrings which cant hang from my wooden hole pieces hanging on the wall nearby, and the other sections, like the wicker basket, hold various other items. a recycled paper vase and a robin egg blue ceramic textured vase, each holding large faux vintage flowers. my planbook. my macbook in its orange case. oh yes, other things which are on my desk — always stiki pads–always have things to write down running and dancing through my head and a printer with the top speckled in items special to me–including carious shells, stones from lake kivi in rwanda, vintage donkey letter press, a vintage button, and several other small items that is my desk. that is me.

Update from Eclecticnesting

3 Mar

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry for my absence from the blog!  This blog is near and dear to my heart, and never from my mind–however, I had to choose other activities to do. Speaking of which, I have over 50 items waiting to be posted in the shop! I am hoping that this Thursday (March 7th), Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I can get a handful of items posted – please stay posted!

In the meantime, I would love to suggest some spring goodies from the shop which would make a great gift for yourself or someone special:

1) Egg or jelly-bean bracelet:

2) Watermelon czech glass button necklace:

3) Pastel owl earrings:

4) Moving away from the handmade items, a lovely vintage doll:

5) Or, some new home decor:


Happy spring, or whatever season is approaching where you are. For me, the greatest two symbols of spring are tulips and nests! Here is a treasury (collection of items) featuring each, enjoy:



Thank you so very much for swinging by!

Amanda, the eclecticnester