The Story of the Paper Bead

26 Jan

After many, many months of trying to get a new batch of handmade paper-beads from Rwanda to my house in DC — I finally have them! A volunteer coming back to the states, having been in Rwanda, ended up visiting family in the area in which I live before heading back to her home. So I was able to drive a few hours and pick them up in person (shipping over 5,000 beads would be very costly). When I got home and opened the box of beads my breath was taken away–there were lovely blues I had not yet seen before, and bright solid green and solid pink beads which I had brought back last year from Rwanda, and NEW deep red, garnet paper-beads—-the red beads are STUNNING and will also speak to you….I wonder what emotions they will evoke? In addition to being high quality and beautiful beads, the money from the sale of these beads goes directly to the women in Rwanda who made them! The women and their work space are featured in the bead listing — found at

Off to dream of garnet red paper-beads………….


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