Curiosities, Beads, and Faving – Oh My!

17 Dec


FAVING: I would be so grateful if you would favorite my shop and add me to your circle if you are an ETSY member! If you message me either via ETSY convo or email and ask me to fav your shop–I happily will! Many thanks!

BEADS: Would also be grateful if you would check out some of my new bead destashes I have added to the shop, here are some direct links:

****I would be more than happy to create a CUSTOM bead destash for you, please contact me!****

CURIOSITIES: The definition of “a curiosity” (n.) is a desire to know or learn or an object that arouses interest.
I have “curiosities” shelves in my house and while they are a conversation piece the crystals, stones, found fossils, shells, dried leaves, found nests, small vintage jars, and more are for me to marvel at! You can really get into collecting objects and making custom shelves, terrariums, etc for your treasures. I will soon be adding a CURIOSITIES SHOP SECTION– please stay tuned! (I will be combining it with my beach treasure shop section).


As always, thank you for reading!

****Happy Holidays****



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