A Collection of Thoughts

30 Nov

Several thoughts from the mind of Amanda, with the smallest connecting thread……

~I have written previously about my dislike of the holiday Thanksgiving and why, and my issues with “Black Friday” and “Ciber Monday”—-and my plea for folks to support small business and handmade artists when purchasing gifts or for yourself. There is now a new term roaming around America: “Giving Tuesday.” While I agree that it’s important for non-profits to be able to send out an email with their annual appeal gently reminding you how much you just spent on gifts and not to forget them, my wish would be that everyday could be Giving Tuesday. In no way do I feel I live up to the standards which I would like to, however I do make some solid efforts and re-evaluate those standards consistently: being a conscientious consumer (and this involves my ability to give time and money to causes) is very important to me–if you want to talk about this, message me!

~TIME is such a strange concept I can’t wrap my head around it. Sometimes it does take more time to be a conscientious consumer and of course one must pick and choose what is important to him or her. When I adopted my dog, Pierce (pictured in this charity listing: https://www.etsy.com/listing/109651258/30-off-sale-100-donated-to-animal) the concept of time underwent some changes for me. Sometimes he comes up to me with a toy or I see him resting (although he is plenty well rested) and whatever I am doing seems less important than playing with him! One thing I REALLY want to figure out is how to fit more time in for art and craft–something that I have been craving deeply as of late to do more of and I have no shortage of ideas, just not the right timing (but perhaps I will make it!) Struggle with this issue too?–message me!

~ETSY treasuries is when an ETSY member selects 16 items being sold on etsy (and there are millions of items to choose from) and places them together in a Treasury comprised of 4 rows and 4 columns. There is a title for the treasury, a small box to write a description and a place to add “tags” for people who might be searching for specific themed treasuries–yes, treasures often have a theme and they can range from anything to vintage blue telephones, seaglass jewely, to winter gifts for him. Sometimes treasuries are comprised of the curator’s team members as a way to promote team-mates and show support and sometimes they are associated with challenges and games. I LOVE making treasuries and I choose to spend a good chunk of time creating them. I started 1.5 years ago and have made 457 to date. If you would like to see any my treasuries you can click on one I have randomly selected (below) and in where it shows my name as the curator you can click to see more treasuries made by me! (note, they are not in chronological time order–so you may pull up a valentines day themed treasury).


~Investments, it’s true one can invest in jewelry and vintage pieces. However, just a quick note on investing in jewelry. With the (often rightful) increase in environmental regulations being places on mining for certain rocks/ gemstones, prices on materials such as (these are just 2 random examples) Amber and Silver are rising at staggering rates. So, consider investing now if you’ve been thinking about wanting to own a real Amber necklace for a while, as the prices will likely continue to rise. Sometimes you also hit the jackpot when you purchase a piece of jewelry and the designer later gains recognition–you may have paid $20 for his or her piece, which would now sell for $200. Just something to think about–in your spare time!

Happy and meaningful holiday shopping!

-Amanda, the eclecticnester of eclecticnesting.etsy.com

PS: I have about 15 items I would like to list on my ETSY shop and am going to try to carve out time to do so in the next few days–stay tuned!


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