Feelings and Thoughts on “Black Friday” and what this means for Eclecticnesting

20 Nov

I have gone to write this post dozens of times, and each time I find myself unable to articulate what I want to say. So, I’ll keep it short and sweet. Please note these are *my* feelings and thoughts and not intended to offend anyone and I try not to judge others for their shopping methods.

Simply put, I think Black Friday is a horrific symbol of America. First, Thanksgiving is a tough pill to swallow, even though all nations throughout history have their negative attributes, America was literally stolen via a brutal genocide and then build on the backs of slaves. I know many folks say “it’s a time to be grateful and to be with family” and I wish that we could carve out more time for family and gratitude throughout the year. Then the eve of Thanksgiving we have stores open offering massively discounted prices on products, most of which the recipient of the gifts does not need and may not want. I have written in this blog previously about consumerism, buying local, handmade, and fair-trade……and I encourage folks to do the same when they are gift giving this holiday season. Additionally, while our economy needs shoppers, I encourage folks to think about gifts which are not material, including the gift of making a donation in someones honor!

With all of that being said, I do have a shop through ETSY. And, I am offering “deals” however I will not call them “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday.”

At eclecticnesting.etsy.com for the duration of November and December the following DEAL or SALE will be occurring, I hope that these “deals” will help my handmade jewelry and recycled vintage goods find a good home this season:

-Buy 2 items, get 2 free (eg. if you purchased something for $7 and $10, you have a $17 “credit” which must be used the same day of purchase towards 1 or 2 -no more than 2- items in the shop. Please pay normally for your first 2 items and for the items being “bought” with “credit” please check out using “other”–which means no money is exchanged. Please convo me with questions/for support!

Buy 1 handmade necklace, get 1 free of equal or lesser price. Place the necklace link you wish to have for free in the “notes to seller” at checkout.

-Please use “Holidaynester” for 30% off store-wide. Cannot be combined with the above 2 deals and can be used on any item except the chenille vintage bedspread.


-Please also checkout reduced, sale, specially priced, free shipping promo etc listings throughout the shop (and the 30% off coupon can be used on those listings!).

Thank you!


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