Chestnuts. Pinecones. Choices.

18 Nov

Today on ETSY I made a Treasury comprised of items I found using the search word “chestnuts.” So many wonderful images jumped out on the pages I was overwhelmed with joy. I included several prints of actual chestnuts, and other items that resembled them in color: leather boots, shimmery brown and gold czech glass beads, jewelry, a handmade felt owl, vintage purses, nature prints………


The treasury can be found here:


Today I also carved out time collect pine-cones in my neighborhood, they are very bountiful where I live! They are the large kind with “petals” which stick out on an angle. I decided to spray paint some gold, paint some of the “petals” green (which was really fun as a brushed the paint on the inside and outside of the “petals”) and dotted some with glitter. Since I had the spray paint, glitter glue tube, and green paint and a paint brush in the house this was a FREE project with excellent results. Not only did I make two lovely fall /winter decorations (I strung a few on a garland, and placed several in a wooden bowl) but I had FUN while doing so!


Thanks for reading about my love of chestnuts and pine-cones, now one more thought….this is something that many ETSY shop sellers may struggle with: to keep the item or post/sell it. Whenever I create a piece of jewelry or “vintage treasure pick” I decide right away whether to post the item, keep the item, or place in a 3rd gift/can’t make a decision at that moment category. I had posted a vintage carpet and leather purse in excellent condition and with unique and lovely compartments, and after re-newing the item several times (meaning, the purse was posted for almost one year) I decided to remove the item from the shop and keep it. I used it while out today and truly love it. This is the first time I have ever done this with my ETSY shop. I know that with handmade jewelry and vintage items I need to wait, sometimes for a long period of time, for someone to fall in love with the item–as there are so, so many amazing choices out there to purchase. However, with this particular purse I decided to scoop it up for myself….and seek other lovely vintage purses to post in the shop to share with folks!


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