Happy Diwali

14 Nov

Diwali is a central holiday in the Hinduism religion. Also known as the Festival of Lights (Chanukah is called this also) I recently learned some of the beautiful and inspiring themes to this celebratory and reflective holiday. Learning new things is thrilling for me.

Sometimes when I am doing my “arts and crafts” I end up learning many new things as I keep an open mind when starting a project. The other day I planned on making a garland with pinecones, however, having found an intact nest earlier that day outside I was inspired to make (or I should say, decorate) a winter bird feeder. Sometimes a plethora of supplies can be in front of you, with a specific or not a specific project in mind, and then it turns in a totally different–wonderous–direction.

I am told a custom of Diwali is to wish people a “Happy Diwali” ……so, happy, happy Diwali!

Creativity, light, and health to all!



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