Pottery Path

21 Oct

When I was growing up there was a girl one year and grade younger than I that lived about 5 houses up the street. She only lived on our street for a year or two, however, I loved going to her house during the time she was there. Like my house she lived in a 2 family home. The woman who lived downstairs from her was older (not in the I am 10 so I think 40 years old is old, she was actually an older woman). For decades she has been throwing broken plates, pottery, vases, etc out of her kitchen window–enough pieces to make an entire path full of broken pottery. This “path” was the equivalent to a trip to Disney Land to me. I was allowed to pick one piece each time I went over. Now, as an adult, I collect pottery pieces found on beaches and I also purchase chipped plates, cups, etc in order to smash them for the pottery pieces. (I do not discriminate– I also love rounded broken glass, and let’s face it, most found objects). It’s not just the piece of pottery I love–it’s the story behind it. Even as a child I would wonder when the older woman got that teacup? was it special to her? with whom did she drink tea with when using it?

I love that on ETSY one can assemble their own ever-growing pottery path while supporting fellow Etsyians. Although I have friends scattered across the world as an adult I love to purchase seaglass from Hawaii or pottery pieces from England (these are just two, of many, examples). I may never be able to afford to travel to England–but a piece of the country lives in my home, either filling a mason jar with beauty or decorating an end-table. Of course, these pieces are added to my own collection of items I plucked from the earth. I wish I could go back and see what has become of my old childhood Pottery Path.


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