More Soulful Thoughts, ETSY Shop Update, & Getting Your Nest On!

16 Oct

The theme of “owning” objects, what possessions we collect and cherish, what we gift, and the like has been on my mind a lot as of late. I recently wrote in a post that I will stop feeling sorry for collecting things which are meaningful to me (or as a mixed media artist, I feel might someday be meaningful to me). Because I enjoy choosing a rock from a place that was special to me to bring home and place on my desk, because I go weak in the knees when I see a vibrant, hand-beaded vintage purse I would like to add to my collection, or because I see vintage Paris prints for sale that must come home with me and saved from the dark corners of a shop (these prints are now on sale at my etsy shop)…this does not make me a materialistic person—it makes me a person who enjoys and sees the values in materials. Everything has a place in my home so that it has the ability to stand out to me and so it does not feel cluttered to me–and that is what I feel is important! Others may come and enjoy my treasures, however, I am the one living with them.

In the October addition of Real Simple magazine a wonderful article entitled “never gonna give you up: we’re not supposed to care too much about objects. We have harsh words for people who do: Materialistic, Acquisitive, Greedy. But as Lee Woodruff learned the hard way, maybe we shouldn’t sell our stuff-or ourselves-short.”  Woodruff tells the story of downsizing to a smaller home with the forced mentality that it would be good to cleans/ purge items from her life–items she ended up missing. The article makes me think (and I live by this): what’s wrong with packaging some special items up in bins and placing in storage?

In the October addition of Martha Stewart Living magazine an article outlines Jeffrey Moss’s curated home of the collections he loves. Another piece caught my eye in a recent Real Simple magazine addition (I do enjoy magazines), a story is told of a woman who photographs objects that she worries “will become obsolete over the coming generations, like these (pictured) beautiful paper dolls from the 1940s and 1950s.” And what those paper dolls remind her of–her childhood. I too fear treasured objects from the past may become distant memories unless we revive, recycle, reclaim, display, collect and respect them.

In summation, don’t be afraid to Get Your Nest On: grab a bowl from your cabinet you feel is pretty and throw some dried fall leaves and a feather you collect on your next walk–and display that bowl anywhere you like in your home! Or grab an empty bin to start storing items you fancy but do not necessarily have a place or use for at the moment; you can always gift or donate the items at a later date. I am not suggesting you become a hoarder–I am simply suggesting you open your mind and soul to some additional nesting!


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