the story of the egg or jelly bean bracelet

12 Oct

Last year I was browsing ETSY shops, as I so often do. I came across a bracelet priced at $70 (please note if there was ANY way to connect this writing to that shop, which I do not even remember, I would not write this–as I respect my fellow ETSYians). I looked at the bracelet for a long moment and realized it was the same exact “egg” or “jelly bean” -esq beads I had purchased at Michaels Craft store a few days before (many of my beads come from local, independent bead stores or ETSY shops, these happened to have not) and made a bracelet with to sell on ETSY. My bracelet had real Mookaite beads and rich brown and blue beads as spacers/ highlighters of the focal beads and a toggle clasp; this bracelet has simplistic round beads as spacers. I priced the bracelet in the low 20s, allowing myself a little profit for my time and design.

This bracelet has been featured in 7 ETSY treasuries and many people have looked at/ favored it. I decided several months ago I wanted it so badly to go to a good home, that I priced it at $15 USD, shipping including ($3 est cost), which equates to the price being $12. This leaves me no margin for profit, but that has not become the purpose–finding it a good home has become the sole purpose of this bracelet…..

Here is the bracelet:

Do you know someone who would want this in their jewelry collection? A home for this bracelet? I would be truly, deeply grateful if you would please send them the link šŸ™‚


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