A Variety of Soulful Thoughts

9 Oct

Greetings everyone and thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Below are a few thoughts that have been dancing in my mind lately and today I share them with you.

*Women ALL over the world, for centuries have turned to art and craft as their sole source or supplemental source of income. I believe it’s actually become a problem only because so many poor women are doing this and there is not a big enough global market to buy the products. I consistently ask myself what can I do address this issue? My personal answer is to join existing groups who are working around this and other related issues; such as those that provide micro-finance, supporting impoverished individuals and families start businesses–such as the efforts of KIVU.ORG. There are also many great catalogs and organizations which sell art and craft product (for example, SERRV). Being a conscience consumer and supporting fair trade is another avenue. One tiny “map-dot” which I do is sell items at eclecticnesting.etsy.com where the money from the sale goes to women in Rwanda–as more income can lead to empowerment. I believe that women are the most oppressed population globally and the empowerment of women is the empowerment of us all. If this topic speaks to you check out the book: Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

*I have also been thinking a lot lately about “stuff.” What do our belongs says about us? How do our belongs influence us? Why are we all attracted to different “things?” I have always been called a pack-rat and I get very defensive about this, as my stuff is well organized and condensed so that it does not take up much more space than any other person my age. However, I have decided to stop being defensive around this topic–people can think whatever they want when they see my home. While I of course want a cozy place for guests to gather (and I believe I have achieved this), it is my home and it needs to speak to me. For example, I collect rocks from places that have brought about a specific energy and I like those small rocks out and displayed for me to see, instead of tucked in a drawer. In the corner of my bathroom vanity there is a mosaic jar I bought at a special place, with special fake flowers purchased elsewhere and a mason jar of old skeleton keys. The side rim of the vanity is speckled with turqouise spotted small pebbles and shells. And because the shower in that bathroom is used infrequently (it is  a second bathroom), I have a framed colored pencil drawing hanging near my decorative shower curtain.  If keeping movie stubs and looking at and feeling them will remind you of the emotions and occasions associated with the movie–then keep them and don’t apologize! Of course there is the guilt of owning “things” when others have so little. That is a topic for another day…..


*Eclecticnesting.etsy.com–my online shop, my love (and my love of ETSY.com). As I have mentioned in previous posts it can be ‘challenging’ to put your soul into making a piece of jewelry and scouring to find a vintage item only to have it sit in the shop for 1 + years and need to renew the items and pay a fee to do so.  My thoughts on these challenging emotions vacillate greatly, however, right now I am in a place where I will keep adding (and renewing) items to the shop in hopes that I can put a smile on someones face when they find something at eclecticnesting that speaks to them and continue to be part of the lovely ETSY community!

That’s all, for now…….


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