Fall, Crafty Ideas

17 Sep

Fall is busy, please don’t forget to carve out time for your creativity! You don’t have to fold bottom sheets perfectly, know every plant in the book, or be able to bake the perfect cake (like Martha) in order to be crafty and call yourself an artist…all you need to do is get in touch with and make time for YOUR OWN Martha.

Here are 21 ideas:

1) Decorating gourds (either decorate with them, or decorate them with sharpie or mixed-media objects)

2) Make a bird feeder…make new friends!

3) Try your hand at photography, especially if you live in a foliage rich area

4) Make goodie bags with crafts or other kid-friendly items to give as to trick-or-treaters–an excellent alternative to candy!

5) “Drill” holes in candy corn and make a garland

6) Gather leaves, feathers and other flat-ish items, glue to a piece of paper, and frame–instant and free nature art!

7) Try “picking” –this involves going to a yard sale or thrift store, check-out the goods and gather some inspiration–perhaps there is an older wicker basket just waiting for you to clean up and fill with fruit

8) Gather acorns and/or pincones and place around your home….

9) OR attach string and make a garland, spray paint them, stamp with them, the possibilities are endless

10) Grab some old magazines or maps (these can be found at thrift stores!) and cut into shapes to stick into cards as a little something “extra” found in the envelope

11) Finger painting, I promise it’s for grown-ups too!

12) Celebrate Thanksgiving? Make small, personalized gifts for your guests or for your hostess…custom wine labels anyone?

13) Sugar cookies! You can make in pumpkin and ghost shapes and use traditional dyed orange or white frosting–or get funky with your food coloring.

14) Start collecting ribbon for winter holiday gift-wrapping presents

15) Start your winter holiday gift buying on ETSY–please support handmade and re-cycled vintage artists and sellers 🙂

16) Pumpkin scented anything!

17) Remember the last time you wrote a short story or poem? was it for school 20 years ago? Give it a whirl….there’s no grading!

18)  Old leather or wool scraps? (thrift stores can also be a good source for neat-fabric clothing, just make sure the pieces are clean)…… fabric collage is a blast!

19) Miniatures…. a mini Lord of the Rings Shire, dollhouse furniture, endless possibilities

20) Get in touch with gemstones, crystals, and rocks from the earth…they can be used as home decor, jewelry making (and again) the possibilities are endless

21) Other than carving and drawing on a pumpkin (which both rock) what else can you do to decorate them? Rhinestones? Googly eyes? Vintage Halloween images pasted on?  Let your dog paint it?

Happy fall!


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