Gratitude + Orange Earrings

5 Sep

Everytime someone favorites my ETSY shop a flutter of gratitude washes over me. This means that someone took the time to visit my shop, when there are SO many they can visit and they liked it enough to show that, to want to “bookmark” it.
I did have a personal goal of reaching a certain number of favs and reached out in threads to team members to please swing by and “fav” my shop if they fancied it. However, I have had an increase lately that I don’t think can be fully attributed to the request (as threads build up and people read newer ones often).

Either way, THANK YOU, to anyone who visits or who visits and favs it!

In other news all earrings in the Fall Earring Series have been priced at $6… many cases that’s over 50% off original price, and original ETSY listing price was low, as I want these earrings to find a good home.

I would be so grateful if someone were to find a pair that spoke to them and I could offer them the earring at cost (sometimes even less than the materials).

Most of the Fall Earring Series are ORANGE. So, get your ORANGE on!

*I recently re-arranged shop by color and for multi-color items, by like item, please be sure to check it all out*


Lastly, please check out out this Aymathst and Copper necklace….it was made with a lot of care and is sure to bring you compliments and a sprinkling of serenity.
You can find it here:

In deep gratitude,

Amanda the eclecticnester


One Response to “Gratitude + Orange Earrings”

  1. Heather September 11, 2012 at 6:30 pm #

    It does feel pretty good to see new “hearts” in your shop! The best is when a person hearts a whole bunch of items and then buys later 😉

    your shop is looking very festive!

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