3 Sep

What is a “destash” you might ask?

In the ETSY world it can mean “de” (getting ride of /selling) a “stash” (multiple items) of something you have…..and it can items normally sold in your shop or other items permitted to sell on ETSY. There are jewelry, bead, ribbon, pottery, baked-goods, clothing, supplies- you name it- there is a “destash” for it on ETSY! Sellers/shop-owners often have to choose between calling the listing a “destash” or a “lot.” –sometimes both terms are used.
Currently at eclecticnesting.etsy.com there are several destashes I am really excited about, they are very reduced in price:
1) Antique and very vintage rust, tools, and patina items:

2) Vintage clothes (listed in last post):


3) Paper-beaded bracelets and earrings I made while in Rwanda! The money from this sale goes to impoverished families in Rwanda.


4) Handmade necklaces (can be used for beads!)


5) BEADS! (several more can bead destashes are listed!)


6) ALSO 2 for 1 (BOGO) and 3 for 1 deals, coupons, etc can be found at eclecticnesting…..this is an earring “lot,” but also a “destash”—-3 high quality handmade pairs of earrings priced at LESS THAN the material costs!

Please check these destashes out, great for gift giving!

RIGHT NOW at Eclecticnesting.etsy.com I am running a buy 2 items, get 2 FREE.

The terms are whatever the cost of the 2 items you purchase (prior to shipping) is, you can then choose 1 OR 2 items which equal or are less than the amount purchased. It all happens at the same time. You buy the 2 items you’d like and then convo me and I’ll provide instructions (of you can go right ahead and do this) the 1 or 2 items you pick that you are getting for FREE, you then place in your cart and at checkout select “other” as the payment form (vs. paypal). I then verify on my end it’s been paid for, and boom the order is placed and arrives with the others you bought!

This applies to ALL items in the shop. So, let’s say you choose the bead destash listed above for $14.75 and you purchase the MEGA SALE pink and purple bracelet for $4.75, you can choose 1 or 2 (no more than 2) items that cost $19.50 or less (if you choose an item for $18, you will not receive a $1.50 credit). And again, this must all happen around the same time. So you could get:

-the bead destash

-the bracelet

– a buxton leather vintage wallet (priced at $19) OR vintage magnets for $8 AND a pair of fall earrings for $9.50=  $17.50. -FREE (you don’t pay the $17.50).
And, you only pay for the shipping on one item!!!!!!

**So, you’ll get 3 or 4 items for the price of 2.**

Please take advantage of this. It makes me sad when these unique items are sitting stored in a closet. Plus, it’s a great way to buy yourself a present and get a few holiday presents purchased!

Please convo with any questions and please check back eclecticnesting.etsy.com often as new items are added at least weekly (tomorrow 8 new items will be added!).
Thanks for swinging by!


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