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What in the World is a BNR, you Ask……

24 Sep

A BNR stands for “Buy N’ Replace” in the world of ETSY:

Different individual etstians or teams or groups of people create them and they are a lot of work for the creators to keep up with–as when someone purchases something from one of the 16 featured shops, they then include that buyer in the next open round. Sometimes there are more than 16 “purchasers” or in the next round no-one bought an item from your shop–then you may be put on a carry-over list. Each BNR works a little differently. Some include special coupon codes from the featured shops!! BNRs are a really fun way to get to know people on ETSY, to buy great items, to support other shops, to gain shop exposure for yourself, to give yourself permission to take the time browse shops and for many more reasons!

One of the best BNRs in existence is called “Flirty’s Love Shack” (sometimes referred to as “the shack” –it has generated many sales, connections, and fun! It is run by a woman named Jenny whose Etsy shop is: FlirtySanchezProject. You can check out her store here:

She is very friendly and patient in answering newbies questions about BNRs. If you add her to your ETSY circle you will then be notified when a new SHACK BNR has been started! The latest can be found here:


****I promise if you check out Flirty’s Love Shack’s BNR you won’t be disappointed!****


Free Gift With Purchase

24 Sep

Below are 15 items from, from 3 different categories. Each of these highlighted items below I most want to find a good home and I am offering a free surprise goodie with the purchase of each! (You can cut and paste the item link into your browser). Please make sure to put a note at checkout that you read this blog post! *Gift offering is now through Dec. 31st, 2012*

Many thanks for reading  this and for considering for your gift-giving, eclectic/ unique items, and crafting supply needs………..


1) Vintage Rust/ Skeleton Key:

2) Vintage Teapot and Salt/Pepper Shaker Set:

3) Vintage Scarf:

4) Vintage Puppets:

5) Vintage Clutch Basket:

6) Vintage Skirt Lot:

7) Vintage Pin/Brooch:

8) Vintage Fur Coat:

9) Vintage Chenille:

*Handmade jewelry:*

10) Handmade Frida Necklace:

11) Handmade Giraffe Earrings:


12) Unique Bead Lot:

13) Home Decor/Craft Lot:

14) Handmade paper-bead jewelry (Gift Giving):

15) Handmade Choker or Bead Lot (Gift Giving):

Lonely Earrings and Vintage Clothes

21 Sep

Lonely earrings? In July I was sad that views and sales on my ETSY shop had diminished greatly. Other ETSYians reassured me that July is one of the slowest months in the ETSY world. Folks suggested I take July to think about the shop overall and plan for the fall and winter seasons. I excitedly rummaged through all of my beads and pulled out the best ORANGE ones, and also purchased unique orange (and some other fall colors–browns, reds, yellows) on ETSY and at local bead shops. I then went to town making fall-themed earrings. In reality, these earrings can be worn year-round. For example, one pair features a pale orange coral tube bead with hand-etching decor and a hand-carved cream stone bird–that is an all-season pair of earrings. Others lean far more towards fall, for example, adorning clay acorn beads. And there are a few pairs which have black and orange beads–for which most people will only wear around Halloween.

I priced the earrings at what I thought was a fair price for the materials, design, and labor. I then slashed all of the Fall Earring Series earring to $6. Making it so in “earring cases” I would end up losing money, however, I truly want these earrings to find a good home. While I am not complaining, I am sad that none have found a home. Well, one pair did find a home–I gave a pair of acorn earrings to a team contest and the winning recipient expressed how much she liked them!

I recently re-did my ETSY shop semi by color and thus the orange earrings are taking up most of the 1st few pages. In the middle of November, when most folks have turned their thoughts to winter and winter holidays, I will remove about half the Fall Earring Series earrings from the shop–giving some away as presents and storing others in safe keeping for the next fall. In the mean time, it’s only September 21st, so perhaps a pair will find a home this fall and I learned (or was reminded) of an important lesson about investing in so much materials.

Next topic…..ViNtAgE CloTheS….
Folks love vintage clothing for many reasons–an investment, to use for the material or buttons, to wear (wanting to recycle instead of buying mass-produced and/or to have a unique piece that no-one else is wearing), to collect (in general or by period/ style), feeling that things used to be made better in earlier years, for the love of the story behind the piece, and many more reasons.

Of course, some folks don’t care for vintage clothing–not wanting to wear “used” clothing or only enjoying modern styles. I don’t know the names of most of the famous vintage designers from the 1920s-80s. However, I adore vintage clothes! There are MANY reasons, my three primary are:

~wearing unique pieces which others will not be wearing

~the belief that things used to be made in a much higher quality–hand-sewn beads, hand-stitched everything, fur-lined vests (although I only wear vintage fur, not supporting modern day fur), and reasons I can’t even articulate aligned with higher quality.

~I like to imagine who used to own and wear the pieces. The wool dress suit from the 1940s–was her husband at war? The silk evening gown from the 1950s–did that women know any famous movie stars? The brightly stitched flowers on a t-shirt from the 1960s–did she participate in the anti-war movement?

Why do you love vintage clothes?

And, let’s not get me started talking about vintage jewelry……..

Fall, Crafty Ideas

17 Sep

Fall is busy, please don’t forget to carve out time for your creativity! You don’t have to fold bottom sheets perfectly, know every plant in the book, or be able to bake the perfect cake (like Martha) in order to be crafty and call yourself an artist…all you need to do is get in touch with and make time for YOUR OWN Martha.

Here are 21 ideas:

1) Decorating gourds (either decorate with them, or decorate them with sharpie or mixed-media objects)

2) Make a bird feeder…make new friends!

3) Try your hand at photography, especially if you live in a foliage rich area

4) Make goodie bags with crafts or other kid-friendly items to give as to trick-or-treaters–an excellent alternative to candy!

5) “Drill” holes in candy corn and make a garland

6) Gather leaves, feathers and other flat-ish items, glue to a piece of paper, and frame–instant and free nature art!

7) Try “picking” –this involves going to a yard sale or thrift store, check-out the goods and gather some inspiration–perhaps there is an older wicker basket just waiting for you to clean up and fill with fruit

8) Gather acorns and/or pincones and place around your home….

9) OR attach string and make a garland, spray paint them, stamp with them, the possibilities are endless

10) Grab some old magazines or maps (these can be found at thrift stores!) and cut into shapes to stick into cards as a little something “extra” found in the envelope

11) Finger painting, I promise it’s for grown-ups too!

12) Celebrate Thanksgiving? Make small, personalized gifts for your guests or for your hostess…custom wine labels anyone?

13) Sugar cookies! You can make in pumpkin and ghost shapes and use traditional dyed orange or white frosting–or get funky with your food coloring.

14) Start collecting ribbon for winter holiday gift-wrapping presents

15) Start your winter holiday gift buying on ETSY–please support handmade and re-cycled vintage artists and sellers 🙂

16) Pumpkin scented anything!

17) Remember the last time you wrote a short story or poem? was it for school 20 years ago? Give it a whirl….there’s no grading!

18)  Old leather or wool scraps? (thrift stores can also be a good source for neat-fabric clothing, just make sure the pieces are clean)…… fabric collage is a blast!

19) Miniatures…. a mini Lord of the Rings Shire, dollhouse furniture, endless possibilities

20) Get in touch with gemstones, crystals, and rocks from the earth…they can be used as home decor, jewelry making (and again) the possibilities are endless

21) Other than carving and drawing on a pumpkin (which both rock) what else can you do to decorate them? Rhinestones? Googly eyes? Vintage Halloween images pasted on?  Let your dog paint it?

Happy fall!


11 Sep

Call if fall, autumn, the season prior to winter–whatever words you use it is my favorite season! Last month my husband and I moved from New England (America’s greatest home to New England) to Maryland–just outside of DC. While I am excited for the occasional cool breeze we have experienced so far, it can’t compare to New England!

Of the many reasons I love this season, Halloween is at the very top of the list (crunchy leaves, foliage, decorating the house with pumpkins and gourds, scarves, and the smell of the cool air are several other reasons).

At ( here are the links to my top 10 favorite Halloween (and fall)  related goodies:

EARRINGS (many other fall-themed earrings can be found!)




VINTAGE SCARVES (many other vintage scarves call eclecticnesting home right now)








Take a peek, thank you and happy fall to all!!

Gratitude + Orange Earrings

5 Sep

Everytime someone favorites my ETSY shop a flutter of gratitude washes over me. This means that someone took the time to visit my shop, when there are SO many they can visit and they liked it enough to show that, to want to “bookmark” it.
I did have a personal goal of reaching a certain number of favs and reached out in threads to team members to please swing by and “fav” my shop if they fancied it. However, I have had an increase lately that I don’t think can be fully attributed to the request (as threads build up and people read newer ones often).

Either way, THANK YOU, to anyone who visits or who visits and favs it!

In other news all earrings in the Fall Earring Series have been priced at $6… many cases that’s over 50% off original price, and original ETSY listing price was low, as I want these earrings to find a good home.

I would be so grateful if someone were to find a pair that spoke to them and I could offer them the earring at cost (sometimes even less than the materials).

Most of the Fall Earring Series are ORANGE. So, get your ORANGE on!

*I recently re-arranged shop by color and for multi-color items, by like item, please be sure to check it all out*


Lastly, please check out out this Aymathst and Copper necklace….it was made with a lot of care and is sure to bring you compliments and a sprinkling of serenity.
You can find it here:

In deep gratitude,

Amanda the eclecticnester


3 Sep

What is a “destash” you might ask?

In the ETSY world it can mean “de” (getting ride of /selling) a “stash” (multiple items) of something you have…..and it can items normally sold in your shop or other items permitted to sell on ETSY. There are jewelry, bead, ribbon, pottery, baked-goods, clothing, supplies- you name it- there is a “destash” for it on ETSY! Sellers/shop-owners often have to choose between calling the listing a “destash” or a “lot.” –sometimes both terms are used.
Currently at there are several destashes I am really excited about, they are very reduced in price:
1) Antique and very vintage rust, tools, and patina items:
2) Vintage clothes (listed in last post):

3) Paper-beaded bracelets and earrings I made while in Rwanda! The money from this sale goes to impoverished families in Rwanda.

4) Handmade necklaces (can be used for beads!)

5) BEADS! (several more can bead destashes are listed!)

6) ALSO 2 for 1 (BOGO) and 3 for 1 deals, coupons, etc can be found at eclecticnesting…..this is an earring “lot,” but also a “destash”—-3 high quality handmade pairs of earrings priced at LESS THAN the material costs!
Please check these destashes out, great for gift giving!

RIGHT NOW at I am running a buy 2 items, get 2 FREE.

The terms are whatever the cost of the 2 items you purchase (prior to shipping) is, you can then choose 1 OR 2 items which equal or are less than the amount purchased. It all happens at the same time. You buy the 2 items you’d like and then convo me and I’ll provide instructions (of you can go right ahead and do this) the 1 or 2 items you pick that you are getting for FREE, you then place in your cart and at checkout select “other” as the payment form (vs. paypal). I then verify on my end it’s been paid for, and boom the order is placed and arrives with the others you bought!

This applies to ALL items in the shop. So, let’s say you choose the bead destash listed above for $14.75 and you purchase the MEGA SALE pink and purple bracelet for $4.75, you can choose 1 or 2 (no more than 2) items that cost $19.50 or less (if you choose an item for $18, you will not receive a $1.50 credit). And again, this must all happen around the same time. So you could get:

-the bead destash

-the bracelet

– a buxton leather vintage wallet (priced at $19) OR vintage magnets for $8 AND a pair of fall earrings for $9.50=  $17.50. -FREE (you don’t pay the $17.50).
And, you only pay for the shipping on one item!!!!!!

**So, you’ll get 3 or 4 items for the price of 2.**

Please take advantage of this. It makes me sad when these unique items are sitting stored in a closet. Plus, it’s a great way to buy yourself a present and get a few holiday presents purchased!

Please convo with any questions and please check back often as new items are added at least weekly (tomorrow 8 new items will be added!).
Thanks for swinging by!