Welcomes, Thank-yous, & Beads

31 Aug

Welcome to any new reader, thank you so much for stopping by!

While I love the English language, this blog is not fully proof-read, so you may also be visiting grammatical errors.

This blog is about my ETSY shop: eclecticnesting.etsy.com, about the world of ETSY itself, and about being a maker of jewelry, lover of beads, and treasure hunter of eclectic supplies and vintage treasures–which circles back to the shop.

They say the only constant in life in change…….another thing which does not change for me is my love of beads!  My heart rate soars when I walk into a bead shop or run my fingers and thoughts through my bead collection.

Currently, at eclecticnesting there are earrings made from textured corn-on-the-cob lampwork beads, hand-made “cane” glass beads, hand-painted clay acorns, other beads which truly look like art to me, rare vintage lucite pinecones (lucite is one of my favorite materials). There are necklaces which boast owls, mushrooms, seed-beads, Amethyst, copper chain, elephant pendant surrounded by long-collected safari-esq beads and more. Frida-Kahlo inspired bracelets and paper-beads from Rwanda bracelets can also be found.

Cheers to beads and the joy they bring to people!

Thanks again for stopping by!


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