ETSY and Earrings

8 Aug

ETSY is the largest global source for handmade goodness, vintage treasures, and supplies. That being said, it can be very challenging to be a “seller” and/or a “buyer” on ETSY, as there are so many choices!  The talent and variety I find on ETSY often blows me away. And, ETSY is not just about the product. ETSY is a fun and supportive community of artists, vendors, and seekers. People volunteer their time to answer your questions about what a vintage find may be, how to best market your earrings, how to best package your product for shipping….or to lend encouragement, critique, motivation, and more. Karma is a wonderful thing. There is a plethora of critical thinking and commentary circulating about ETSY (as a whole and sub-topics)–which can also be “fun” and constructive.

I have to admit, I am currently frustrated with myself…..I invested in a wide variety of “fall-themed” beads to make my Fall Earring Series. However, with Etsy, unless you have a product or consumer base which is extremely solid, one can’t really depend on folks choosing your earrings over the many other beautiful and unique earrings offered by the many global ETSY shops. I am hoping that at least 10 pairs of earrings find homes, as I put a lot of time in the bead collection and design process of the earrings. However, I am trying to prepare myself should this not happen. Pricing is always an interesting (and very challenging) topic on Etsy! I priced my earrings (what I believe) is very fairly, with very low mark-up for my time. This can actually deter some people when they see the low cost.

Enough rambling……please check out the Fall Earring Series at!


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