Crafty Ideas

8 Aug

21 August free-time “crafty” ideas:

1) Painting mason jars

2) Tie-dye!

3) Try your hand at the world of Terrariums

4) Engrave or paint words or graphics on pencils

5) Wire-wrap shells, sea-glass, twigs, anything….

6) Hand stitch name and contact info into your dog collar

7) New to “mixed media” art? Grab a small canvas and good glue and start creating (don’t be afraid to layer)

8) Organize your ribbon, finally

9) Never made jewelry? Start with a pair of earrings (grab a head-pin and some beads, place the beads on your head-pin in anyway you fancy, and make a loop to affix it to the earwire on top). Endless possibilities.

10) Ever make a dream-catcher? You can’t go wrong!

11) Use high quality, non-flammable glue to glue crayons to the top of a canvas—-use a hair-dryer to melt some of the crayon and fun and colorful streaks of wax will melt down (warning–use a tarp as splattering can occur!).

12) Old colored pencils of different lengths floating around? Glue them to a picture frame, it’s very appealing to the eye.

13) Feathers. Enough said.

14) Grab any old printer drawer, shadow box, etc and place your fav stones, shells, crystals, little kick-knacks, etc.

15) Start making hand-made holiday cards.

16) Spray paint. Also, enough said.

17) What can you do/make with old playing cards?

18) Pull out your vases, and vessels pick the ones you love, want to keep, and pull out a few to place dried flowers and other tall items in and place around your home.

19) Laminate old stamps, etc and make into jewelry, garlands, and more. (Also great to make paper-chain garlands with are old maps).

20) Flip through some magazines and cut out images that inspire you and glue them into a journal (it’s ok for adults to do that!)

21) Try your hand at making paperbeads!


One Response to “Crafty Ideas”

  1. Chrisy September 11, 2012 at 9:14 am #

    You’ve given me a few ideas honey….melting crayons onto canvas, making a miniature terrarium…and last, but not least, spray can mania! Thanks girl!

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