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Pinecones, Acorns, and Ramblings

31 Aug

Fall is here! Over the past year I developed a deep love for pinecones and acorns. It must be the combination of texture, color, and possibilities. I now have acorn and pinecone jewelry, beads, ornaments; I have them made of wool, glass, plastic, and many other materials–as well as real ones floating around my house. Perhaps next time you go outside look down at the ground and see if there is a treasure which speak to you.

There are 2 “art and craft” projects which I desperately want to dig into, but time does not permit right now. The adage, “do what you love,” can only apply sometimes. One is to continue working with melting crayons on canvas–it is so fun and the results are gorgeous. Second, I’d like to apoxy small vintage plates to turned-over tea cups and perhaps add an item or 2 to the plate (which will then serve as a platter or dish, a place to put jewelry, keys, etc). Perhaps I will carve out time to make one and post a picture here!

I think it’s important to keep your creative juices flowing–and it does not have to be a traditional art or craft. I mean any type of creativity you are not using for work/professional purposes. Your creativity may be in the kitchen, the back-yard garden, carving pumpkins, re-arranging picture frames……..

Lastly, I’d like to share another thought. ETSY is the world’s largest place for the selling, buying, and browsing of handmade and vintage items and supplies and every-time I log on (which is multiple times a day), I am in awe of the talent and beauty before me. It can be frustrating as a seller however, as there are so many wonderful items to choose from, yours may often not be the item chosen. Currently I have some Fall Earring Series which I basically priced around the cost of the materials (not charging for design or work) and I love them all! I would be so grateful if another person loved a pair enough to purchase it and make it their own. However, an ETSY seller must remind him or herself to have patience waiting for that right person to come alone and fall in love….and when that happens I am deeply, deeply grateful!

Speaking of love (and then I’m really done in this post), I have a vintage clothes destash lot (which was hard to part with), although none of the clothes would fit me (be too small), the patterns and materials are stellar–the adage “they don’t make things like they used to” rings true!

You can find the pieces, from yellow cashmere to handmade patchwork with golden buttons, to vintage red leather and purple suede here:

🙂 Amanda


Welcomes, Thank-yous, & Beads

31 Aug

Welcome to any new reader, thank you so much for stopping by!

While I love the English language, this blog is not fully proof-read, so you may also be visiting grammatical errors.

This blog is about my ETSY shop:, about the world of ETSY itself, and about being a maker of jewelry, lover of beads, and treasure hunter of eclectic supplies and vintage treasures–which circles back to the shop.

They say the only constant in life in change…….another thing which does not change for me is my love of beads!  My heart rate soars when I walk into a bead shop or run my fingers and thoughts through my bead collection.

Currently, at eclecticnesting there are earrings made from textured corn-on-the-cob lampwork beads, hand-made “cane” glass beads, hand-painted clay acorns, other beads which truly look like art to me, rare vintage lucite pinecones (lucite is one of my favorite materials). There are necklaces which boast owls, mushrooms, seed-beads, Amethyst, copper chain, elephant pendant surrounded by long-collected safari-esq beads and more. Frida-Kahlo inspired bracelets and paper-beads from Rwanda bracelets can also be found.

Cheers to beads and the joy they bring to people!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Crafty Ideas

8 Aug

21 August free-time “crafty” ideas:

1) Painting mason jars

2) Tie-dye!

3) Try your hand at the world of Terrariums

4) Engrave or paint words or graphics on pencils

5) Wire-wrap shells, sea-glass, twigs, anything….

6) Hand stitch name and contact info into your dog collar

7) New to “mixed media” art? Grab a small canvas and good glue and start creating (don’t be afraid to layer)

8) Organize your ribbon, finally

9) Never made jewelry? Start with a pair of earrings (grab a head-pin and some beads, place the beads on your head-pin in anyway you fancy, and make a loop to affix it to the earwire on top). Endless possibilities.

10) Ever make a dream-catcher? You can’t go wrong!

11) Use high quality, non-flammable glue to glue crayons to the top of a canvas—-use a hair-dryer to melt some of the crayon and fun and colorful streaks of wax will melt down (warning–use a tarp as splattering can occur!).

12) Old colored pencils of different lengths floating around? Glue them to a picture frame, it’s very appealing to the eye.

13) Feathers. Enough said.

14) Grab any old printer drawer, shadow box, etc and place your fav stones, shells, crystals, little kick-knacks, etc.

15) Start making hand-made holiday cards.

16) Spray paint. Also, enough said.

17) What can you do/make with old playing cards?

18) Pull out your vases, and vessels pick the ones you love, want to keep, and pull out a few to place dried flowers and other tall items in and place around your home.

19) Laminate old stamps, etc and make into jewelry, garlands, and more. (Also great to make paper-chain garlands with are old maps).

20) Flip through some magazines and cut out images that inspire you and glue them into a journal (it’s ok for adults to do that!)

21) Try your hand at making paperbeads!

ETSY and Earrings

8 Aug

ETSY is the largest global source for handmade goodness, vintage treasures, and supplies. That being said, it can be very challenging to be a “seller” and/or a “buyer” on ETSY, as there are so many choices!  The talent and variety I find on ETSY often blows me away. And, ETSY is not just about the product. ETSY is a fun and supportive community of artists, vendors, and seekers. People volunteer their time to answer your questions about what a vintage find may be, how to best market your earrings, how to best package your product for shipping….or to lend encouragement, critique, motivation, and more. Karma is a wonderful thing. There is a plethora of critical thinking and commentary circulating about ETSY (as a whole and sub-topics)–which can also be “fun” and constructive.

I have to admit, I am currently frustrated with myself…..I invested in a wide variety of “fall-themed” beads to make my Fall Earring Series. However, with Etsy, unless you have a product or consumer base which is extremely solid, one can’t really depend on folks choosing your earrings over the many other beautiful and unique earrings offered by the many global ETSY shops. I am hoping that at least 10 pairs of earrings find homes, as I put a lot of time in the bead collection and design process of the earrings. However, I am trying to prepare myself should this not happen. Pricing is always an interesting (and very challenging) topic on Etsy! I priced my earrings (what I believe) is very fairly, with very low mark-up for my time. This can actually deter some people when they see the low cost.

Enough rambling……please check out the Fall Earring Series at!