Marriage + Crafting + Feminism

22 Jul

I need to be awake in 7 hours to prepare for my wedding. However, I find myself unable to sleep (after a sincere effort, and one I will resume soon) and of course in times like this I turn to ETSY.COM.

Every person and artists has a different set of words to describe what they do…..for me, at least at this time, crafting encompasses anything I do involving creating with objects….from designing and making jewelry, arranging flowers, making a mixed media collage, etc.

I have SO many craft ideas I want to dig into, however, I do not currently have the time to do so. As I’ve mentioned before in this blog (I believe) I very much so want to start decorating cruelty-free antler tips and drift wood to make into home decor and jewelry; I want to start exploring more with melting crayons and gluing down discarded colored pencils, and dig very deep into the orange (and other fall-esq) colors of beads I have been setting aside, sorting out, and collection for the past month–to craft/create jewelry that can be enjoyed by folks for an affordable price this fall! (I have already posted 5+ pairs of earrings in the Fall Earring Series at

I also very much so want to get more crafty with my ETSY shop–I have ideas to re-do shop sections and order of appearance of items–and spend lots and lots of time plotting that out.

I have also recently become a leader of ETSY’s Crafting Feminism team, and would like to see more folks join and the existing handful become more active–the goal of the team is to support and promote each other, and to have fun–anyone with an ETSY account can join- swing by the team (simply go to teams and type in “crafting feminism” and click “join”).

Looking forward to drifting off to sleep with dreams of vintage Lucite acorn beads…..and of my wedding!!

Happy crafting and creating,



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