Found a true treasure on a hunt today…

14 Jul

Please check out listing the following listing at for pics and information on the treasure:

Also included in the listing is the following history of a classic Disney movie:

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was Walt Disney’s FIRST full length feature production in technicolor Walt was invited along with other Kansas City newspaper delivery boys to attend a performance of a silent movie starring Marguerite Clark when he was a teenager. The film was projected on 4 screens in 4 corners of the auditorium. Walt watched 2 of the screens and its noted it was his most memorable movie-going experience as a child.

As an adult Walt wanted to expand cartoons from 8/9 minutes to full stories like other Hollywood studios and he felt the story of Snow White had all of the necessary elements to do so. After treasuring and keeping the idea of expanding on Snow White with him for years, he let his colleagues know this in 1934 he wanted this story to be their First Full Length Feature! A lot of work went into its success and the classic film we all know and love today.


The history of Disney has always fascinated me. I remember as a child there was 1 Disney movie which came out per year and going to see it in the movie theater was a special event, soon it was 2 movies per year, then 3, then Disney merged with other producers and I could no longer keep track. However, I still keep certain stories (including Snow White) close to my heart.

My only beef with Disney {although they are doing a dot better these days and I recognize they pulled some from history when women sadly were property and used as pawns in the acquisition of wealth/land/power} it that their stories rely heavily on a princess or other female needing a prince or other male character. I feel certain there is a way to teach children that they can play princess, and happily be a princess with or without a prince–while not needing that prince for survival OR happiness.

What are your thoughts on Disney?


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