Coral and Unrelated Thoughts

7 Jul

Right now I am wearing a wonderous handmade clay pendant, a white background with a pale red piece of coral….of course I bought this on ETSY!

Around the necklace I placed turquoise chunky beads and tan peace beads….I love wearing this necklace!

Speaking of CORAL, I purchased a high quality, bright red, chunky plastic coral pendant and placed a wide variety of summer-esq beads around it….I posted this necklace at, it was entered into a contest, and won by a fellow team member of the team Daily Dose of Handemade, I am so excited to ship it to her!

Now, unrelated to coral…..I have been treasure hunting and collecting a wide variety of fall beads–from vintage lucite pincones to orange crystals and I might end up switching plans from an orange fall necklace line to an *eclectic fall earring line*….stay posted, fall will be here before we know it!

For now, stay cool and thanks for dropping by

PS: Today (July 7th) and tomorrow (July 8th) 30% off at, plus a bonus gift with every purchase–it’s an XMAS/ Holidays in July sale!!




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