MEGA SALE section

2 Jul

First, I am not sure how to change the font in the last post, announcing the blog contest winner, a featured shop, and my fall plans. I tried for quite some time–clearly, computers are not my thing.

What is my thing is finding sought after, eclectic, wonderful, interesting vintage items that folks may fall in love with. The old saying “they just don’t make things like they used to” is true! –this is one of MANY reasons I love vintage items! I like to price these items fairly and have recently created a “MEGA SALE” section at–please swing by and check it out. You will find items that are at a bare minimum worth double what is listed. I think it’s only right to price items fairly based on several factors: market value, level of interest in item, condition, what I paid for it, and others—-but I want to make sure that if someone does see something vintage they love (or a piece of Jewelry I have made–which you can also find in the MEGA SALE section) that they can afford scoop it up! Please note that this new section is in addition to a regular sale section and in all other shop sections you can find “specially priced” listings!


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