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Last Chance + First (of many) Quotes

29 Jun

Hi everyone!

It is 5p on Friday the 29th of June, which means that tonight and tomorrow are your last chances to purchase anything in the shop for 25% off!

Please be on the look-out for a dot of fun re-vamping I am doing this Sunday July 1st (which will include adding at least 8 wonderous items).

A quote for your quote collection:

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” John Muir

Stay cool,


The eclectic nester



This Fall……

24 Jun

Once I’m settled in DC, where I’m moving the end of July, I’d like to start making mixed media art again. I’m thinking the following three items will be involved: crayons, colored pencils, and deer antlers (that naturally fell off). Be sure to keep an eye out at for these creations in the fall!

I sold my first and only piece of mixed media art I posted at eclecticnesting last week—it was a pre-made wired frame which I wire wrapped beads and buttons on. Fun to make and glad it went to a home!

Whatever “creating” means to you, happy creating,



20 Jun

Today is blazing hot inNew England! Fortunately, I am currently in air-conditioning and was taking a quick break from work to flip through a magazine. There was an ad in the magazine for, I believe, cream-cheese. The background for the page was full of plump blueberries. It was not the shape, or images of the taste or smell that make me take pause—it was the color on the page. It was an indescribable beautiful blue jumping off the page and wanting to me make go on a hunt for beads in that color or mix paint to best match the color. However, I am at work and can’t do either of those things. That’s ok—there will be another time for me to follow my new blue-colored dreams.

 One of the many features I love about ETSY is the “color” button—one can click on a certain shade and color and find a wide variety of items that involve that shade. This is amazing, magical, and innovative to me.

 Despite the busy summer that lies ahead of me, I still find myself slipping onto ETSY daily to look at its many offerings, speak with team members, and post treasures.

 Please don’t forget if you “favorite” my shop and one item in it (and then message me via this blog or etsy to let me know you’ve done so), you will be entered into a drawing for an up to $20 valued item from my shop— This drawing, as well as several other edits, news, and announcements will all take place on July 1st!


11 Jun

I will likely not be writing much in this blog or doing too much work in the shop for the rest of June, July, and August……as I am getting married, moving to a different part of the country, and starting a new job in July. I’ll still be around though in the etsy world!

There’s lots of summer goodies, from vintage bamboo picnic trays to a glass seashorse and shell necklace at

A reminder

1) The coupon code MOVING1 is for 25% off everything through the end of June, plus lots of items already on sale or marked down!

2) If you fav. the shop and one item and let me know you’ll be entered into a drawing for an item from the shop valued at $20 or less.

In September lots of fall goodies will be posted at!

Thanks for reading my update!

Happy crafting, living, searching, reading……..

Vintage Treasure Hunting

5 Jun

Today I found a stunning pair of cherry-red, real leather, vintage high-heel shoes made in Spain. It’s hard to find quality like that anymore and also these were in great vintage condition. I wish my foot was smaller, however, they would not fit me and thus I posted them on ETSY for a low and fair price of $21. What a thrill to find these beauties—it’s all I could think about all day!

 If you visit you will either find them in the Vintage Accessories shop section or in the “sold” items sections—hopefully, these shoes find a good home soon.

 Vintage treasure hunters know exactly what I mean by finding those shoes was all I could think about all day!

PS: Don’t forget, if you favorite (the shop) and at least one item in the shop (and let me know you’ve done so either via this blog or Etsy) you’ll be entered into a raffle for an item of your choice $20 or under from the shop on June 30th. Also, there is a 25% off coupon code (MOVING1) now through June 30th.


Rwanda’s Paper Beads

5 Jun

The paper-beads you see in the background of this blog are handmade by women in Rwanda who make and sell the beads as income to help support their families. I went to Rwanda in December 2011 and met these wonderful women in person. I sell them as a supply at my shop on  I have many more beads than what is listed in the shop and can also custom make any type of jewelry or hanging bead strands for your home. You can contact me via:

–       this blog

–       my etsy shop: